1kw to 100kw solar panel inverter battery plant price in india kolkata

If you searching for the installation of solar panels on your roof and wondering just how much it will cost and how much savings you’ll have in your monthly power bill, then you’re in the ideal location. Folks ask this question fairly often and the majority of the scenarios this is the first question people ask. Surely you have also seen the comments on social media, encouraged by agencies like The Marketing Heaven, which can confuse many who plan to install them. Here I have attempted to deal with this essential questions without going into some technical information.The expense of rooftop solar system is dependent upon the system size (1 kW, 25 kW, 100 kW etc), system type (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid ), liberty required (1 Hr, 4 Hr, 24 Hr etc), place and on the character of the products and services.A comprehensive overview of various kinds of solar systems alongside the price tag is provided here for you convenience. The pice is inclusive of GST. Please don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the comment area at the base when you have any particular queries/comments/suggestions.

On-Grid Rooftop Solar System The Way To Use: Power trimming is less than two Hr each day on average, peak load is 5 kVA or more, wish to decrease power bill. Suitable for residential, industrial and commercial function in which the power consumption is above 500 Units (kWh) per month. 

1kw to 100kw solar panel inverter battery plant price in india kolkata

System SizeSystem CostCost/Watt
1 kWRs 65,000Rs 65
5 kWRs 2,50,000Rs 50
10 kWRs 4,80,000Rs 48
15 kWRs 7,05,000Rs 47
20 kWRs 9,40,000Rs 47
25 kWRs 1,150,000Rs 46
50 kWRs 2,250,000Rs 45
100 kWRs 3,800,000Rs 38
250 kWRs 8,750,000Rs 35
500 kWRs 16,000,000Rs 32
1000 kWRs 30,000,000Rs 30

Off-Grid / Hybride Rooftop Solar System Price The Way To Use: Where grid power isn’t available and also the peak load is around 5 kVA. Generally distant area or areas where grid connection isn’t feasible.

System SizeSystem CostCost/Watt
1 kWRs 130,000Rs 130
2 kWRs 250,000Rs 125
3 kWRs 366,000Rs 122
4 kWRs 480,000Rs 120
5 kWRs 575,000Rs 115
6 kWRs 672,000Rs 112
7 kWRs 770,000Rs 110
8 kWRs 864,000Rs 108
9 kWRs 945,000Rs 105
10 kWRs 100,000Rs 100


 Vendor To Vendor Cost Variations

The price of your solar energy plant may vary greatly from vendor to vendor. Don’t necessarily choose the lowest estimate. There may be many causes of the variation in cost, typically you get what you pay for. Consider these points prior to finalising the deal. 

Solar Panel Brands: Products from Tier 1 manufacturers are normally more costly, but provide far greater functionality and dependability. Prefer the fantastic quality solar panels within the more economical one. Find out more about the finest solar panels at India. 

Warranties: Reputed vendors will provide

*** 10 year product warranty on solar panels

*** 25 year performance warranty on solar panels

*** 5 year warranty on the solar inverter

*** 5 year warranty on the solar battery

*** 5 year comprehensive system warranty

Operation and Care: Reputed sellers will supply at least 1 year old free performance and upkeep of the entire solar energy plant, that is extended. 

 Capacity Overstatement: Many sellers could supply 5 kW solar panels and about 10 kW solar power and promote it as 10 kW solar system to decrease the purchase price of this system. Please, know about that. This system will create half the power of a 10 kW system. A 10 kW solar system must comprise 10 kW solar panels along with approximately 10 kW inverter.


Query: – How many components 1kW solar panel systems in India? 

Response: – 1 KWp of Solar panel creates roughly 4 components per day i.e 1,400-1,500 KWh (components ) annually including winter and summer season.

Query: – How far can 1kWp solar panel price? 

Response: – 1 KWp of Solar Panels price is beginning from Rs 23000 to Rs 30000 based on the Brand.

Query: – What is it a 1 KW solar system operate? 

Response: – A 1 KW solar program can operate load up to 800 volt capability. You are able to run a four LEDs Light, 4 Processor and one TV on 1 kW solar system.

Query: – How many solar panels have been necessary for 1kW? 

Response: – 4 no’s of 250 watt solar panel or equal wattage equivalent to 1000 watt.

Query: – Place needed for 1kW solar panel? 

Response: – South facing 100 sq feet shadow free region necessary to install 1 kW solar panel.


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