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Solar inverter :- This inverter converts the DC to AC power. The solar inverter is similar to the normal inverter, but fact is solar inverter PV solar panels DC output power convert into AC power in normal 50hz/60hz frequency and at the same time charging to the Battery’s. The solar inverter are mainly used to three types of solar inverter – (a) Stand alone or off grid inverter, (b) Grid tie or on grid inverter, (c) Intelligent hybrid inverter. Stand alone inverter is used for normal AC off grid system. Grid tie inverter is used for direct pv solar panels DC output power convert to AC and the same time output AC power deliver to the grid, here battery is not used. Intelligent hybrid inverter used for controlling the pv solar panels power, AC main supply or other renewal source power conversation to the right way to get. We are used to normally this type of inverters. There are many different types of solar inverter is available like microninverter, battery back up inverter, solar pumping inverter etc. Now a days solar power is a renewal energy, so that the solar inverter is most commonly used power switching system. Solar inverter is necessary to used of solar system.

How Solar Inverter Works

The solar inverter is an important part of the solar power system. Its main function is to convert direct current (DC) electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is the type of electricity used in most homes and businesses. This conversion allows solar energy to be connected to the electrical grid or to power appliances and equipment.

Types Of Solar On-Grid Inverter

Solar inverters come in various forms including string inverters, micro inverters and energy optimizers. String inverters are often used to connect several solar panels in series to convert the combined DC output to AC. Microinverters, on the other hand, are connected to each solar panel, converting each DC output directly to AC, which can work well in some cases and provide panel-level monitoring. Solar inverters also play an important role in regulating the performance of the solar system, monitoring its output and providing protection through features such as solar protection, which prevents the system from sending power to the grid. 


After all, solar inverters are essential for harnessing solar energy and powering it to run homes and businesses. They contribute to the growing acceptance of solar energy as a sustainable renewable energy source.