West Bengal net meter regulation 2021

West Bengal net meter regulation 2021 Sun based force at home, change the guidelines to energize

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The West Bengal Power Control Commission has changed its standards in the state to urge normal individuals to produce sun based force at home. Presently anybody can organize one kilowatt creation at home in the event that they need. Up to this point, no house or level could have sun oriented force age foundation without the top of the agreeable lodging. Business foundations, for example, shopping centers, mechanical foundations and spots like schools-universities, clinics were permitted to create on the rooftop, however the base was five kilowatts or more.

As per specialists, this course of action will profit homegrown clients. Since, the expense of power bill can be decreased a piece. Natural contamination will likewise be decreased. The armada of organizations related with sun based force will develop. There will be a lot of business.

Whimsical energy, for example, sun oriented force has been underlined for quite a while to diminish contamination. Yet, the contention of the concerned quarters was that for this it is important to have a leeway for creation in everybody’s home. In any case, it is smarter to keep the base sum under five kilowatts. Something else, the chance to utilize this power requiring little to no effort won’t be opened to the general population.

fast In gross metering, the absolute expense of the primary unit utilized will be determined by the conveyance organization charges. The cost of the unit provided to the network will be determined as per the levy rate fixed by the Control Commission. On the off chance that the utilization of power in the house is more, the client will cover the distinction tab. Also, if there is more inventory in the framework, extra units will be changed with the following bill.

As indicated by sunlight based force master Shantipada Ganachowdhury, the greater part of the heap of the normal shopper is 2-5 kW.

Is net metering available in West Bengal?

total Complete power utilized in the house and sunlight based force supply unit in the network in two strategies: Net metering (under 5 kW load), Net metering (load in excess of 5 kW).

• Net metering utilizes greater power at home

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Subsequently, many will profit by this framework. Contamination free force age will likewise increment. One kilowatt foundation presently costs a normal of Rs 70,000. It takes up 63-100 square feet of room. He trusts that if this framework is begun at home, the interest for save parts will increment and the interest for the organization to assemble that framework will likewise increment. Once more, their upkeep will require a great deal of labor generally speaking. 

West Bengal net meter regulation 2021


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As indicated by the wellsprings of the commission, that assent was at long last given. On the rooftop, in any event one kilowatt sun based force age board can be introduced on the divider or on the house floor. Notwithstanding, the sunlight based force age framework can’t be more impressive than the conveyance or association limit of the dispersion organization in that house. What’s more, if the heap is five kilowatts or less, the bill will be made as ‘net metering’ as the contrast between the utilization and supply of power. In the event that it is in excess of five kilowatts, it will be determined in ‘Net Metering’ strategy.

Bill count

• Just as home

That power will be associated with the matrix.

If there should be an occurrence of deduction of the inventory unit from his unit to the matrix, the client will take care of his tab as per the tax pace of the appropriation organization. Actually, the units provided to the network ought to be considered as up to 90% of the units utilized at home. The client will pay the excess 10% of the unit bill. Nonetheless, the extra unit circulation organization will change the bill one month from now.

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