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Top 10 Solar Inverter Companies in India

With increasing economic activity and growth, India’s energy consumption also attained to 1,164 TWh until November 2019. This makes India the next rated nation one of the top ten power consuming nations internationally, according to IEA data.

This rate of economic growth was aligned with fresh energy and climate targets after India signed the Paris agreement in 2015, also dedicated to increasing the utilization of renewable energy to its own aggregate energy combination.

With the surge of renewable energy growth in India particularly solar photovoltaic (PV), need for solar energy inverters too climbed considerably from the national marketplace, as they convert direct current (DC) output of a solar panel to utility frequency of alternating current (AC) which may be fed to some business electric grid or may be employed by a neighborhood, off-line electrical system.As of December 31, 2020, the utility-scale usable solar power of India attained 30.982 GW, nevertheless, just 7.150 GW of new capacity has been included in 2019, according to Bridge to India (BTI). Total inverters provided during the year stood in 6.978 GW of power to its utility-scale projects. This expansion has been largely caused by big players that command the solar inverter providers record in India. Here We’ve listed the top ten most solar companies in India in 2020:




Evergreen Solar

India-based Evergreen Solar produces solar inverters and ranked fifth using 7.42 percent market share for inverter providers in India throughout 2019, according to ISO. R&D Research and Analytics consented on the standing, together with Evergreen Solar appreciating the 5th place with 9.7 percent market share in dispatch from the utility-scale solar marketplace in India in Jan-Dec 2019 interval in accordance with them

Statcon Energiaa

Statcon Energiaa has become an industry leader in the Power Electronics industry for nearly 3 years with over 25,000 completed jobs and 100+ MW Solar Inverter Installations around the world.We Provide a diversified Selection of energy options in four Big branches: | Solar | Power | Defence | Railways | to over 20 nations in 3 continents. We’re devoted to supplying customized renewable energy options to Industrial, Residential & Agricultural functions. R&D, Manufacturing, Installation, After Sales Service — we assist you hand-in-hand to do everything.Statcon Energiaa has emerged as the reply to the Indian subcontinent’s electricity requirements. From provide to the Indian air force and navy to power-housing midsize 


Thea Solar Inverters. . State of Art Technology endorsed by a Nation Wide Support NetworkThea Energy Pvt Ltd was encouraged by a Group of Technocrats having years of expertise in the Power Electronics Industry. With group team power of over 600, mostly engineers, we enjoy having successfully encouraged multiple Brands at the Electricity Industry through recent years. We’ve got offices all around the nation to encourage tens of thousands of our clients and are admired for client services in the energy market.

Agni Solar

Work should not cease as a result of electricity cuts. Charge the batteries throughout the day at no cost, using just sunlight’s energy. Utilize the solar inverters through power cuts or during the night with no stress.We can design and provide a solar PV electricity plant using battery backup for non-sunny hours during power cuts. This plant could be of any dimension and also have the battery backup in accordance with your requirement.

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